The Start-up Costs of Pizza Franchises and What You Get

With the everlasting popularity of Pizza you can potentially make a fortune by investing your hard earned cash in one of the successful Pizza Franchises out there in the big wide world.  However, is it a wise investment and beyond putting in your money what other things are required?

The following examples may provide some light on this situation:.

Marco’s Pizza

If you’re thinking about investing in Marco’s Pizza, you need anything between $150,592 and $546,592. The franchise fee stands at about $25,000. Essentially, the total investment at the beginning highly depends on the restaurant you wish to build including configuration, size, location, construction and development. Apart from information and other guidelines provided you are also offered paid web-based training.

Domino Pizza

Being the second largest pizza chain in United States, Domino’s Pizza has spread across the globe. To become a franchisee, you need to go through a training course of 42-60 days as well as inside store training. The fee for the franchise stands at $25,000, the full investment initially can fall between $119,950 and $461,700. As a result you’re provided a 10 year renewable franchise agreement with a 5.5% loyalty fee. It’s mandatory for a franchisee to have a minimum amount of liquid cash ($75,000) available.

Little Caesars Pizza

This franchise offers competitive operating and start-up cost. The approximate initial investment needed for each franchise ranges between $265,000 and $681,500. The cost of the business, as always, is determined a number of factors. The Franchisee has no choice but have $250,000 net worth to open the pizza store with a minimum liquid cash amount of $100,000. It’s also mandatory to have finances or financing that caters for all the total costs of launching the franchise.

Little Caesar Pizza also offers training programs focussing on diverse areas of their business covering marketing, product preparation, customer service, real estate, multi-store supervision, cash management and finance as well as other informative topics. The franchise also promises to work with the franchisee helping them to grow their business and offering consultation and expert analysis.


To be a Toppers franchisee you’ll have to prepare for a total investment of between $291,666 and $527,152. The average square footage required should be within the 1,300-1,700 range with the franchise fee for the first unit costing you $30,000. Their flexible footprint makes finding a location very easy. Franchisees multi-unit liquidity has to be anything between $350,000 and $500,000 with a net worth of $750,000–$1,000,000.

Pizza Hut

Franchising since 1959, the Plano Texas business offers three types of branded units at certain areas, which includes red roof restaurants where products approved by Pizza Hut are sold to carry-out and dine-in consumers as well as delivering to off-premise consumers.  The other is a delivery restaurant where off-premise consumers request Pizza Hut approved products to be delivered to them. Carryout or delivery restaurants are the third Pizza Hut unit where the approved items are mainly carryout and delivered to be consumed off-premises.

Franchisees are offered training and other types of assistance as the franchise deems fit. Initial franchise fee stands at $25,000. Depending on the three Pizza Hut Units you decide to go with the total cost will be anything between $297,000 and $882,000.

I hope this gives a flavour of the vast range of opportunities out there and this is not meant to an exhaustive description of the requirements or fees related to franchises.  The most important thing to remember if you are considering investing in any franchise is to do your homework as there are hundreds of pizza franchises that offer franchising opportunities.

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