5 Reasons why Eating Pizza can be Healthy for You

Anyone who has ever eaten pizza at least once knows that one slice is not enough – ever. You are always hungry for another piece but the questions are always the same ‘is pizza is good for me?’ and ‘does it have any health benefits”’.

Apparently it does – woo hoo!! (although this is based on personal opinion and not medical fact).

Pizza to help fight disease

By having a couple of slices of pizza in your diet can help in avoiding certain cancers as some studies have indicated. This is due mostly to such antioxidants as lycopene which is found in tomato sauce (mostly in Italian pizzas).  However, let us be clear, it is not about gulping down a whole pizza in one sitting but having a couple of slices a week.  Moderation is always key – unless there is a big game on or you are having a few beers with friends.

Protein packed

The typical pizza is packed with protein.  If you take the mouth watering melty cheese among other ingredients into consideration. Each slice has around 15g of yummy protein not only to rejuvenate your body with energy to function well, but also help repair cells in the body and build the strong muscles you’ve always wanted. A couple of slices before you hit the gym might work to your advantage (or not, as we have deliberately omitted to mention the carbs, fat, sugar salt or fat content.

Makes eating vegetable a pleasure

If you have a problem devouring veggies but enjoy a slice of pizza then the odds are you are delightfully unaware of how many vegetables you are gulping down.  Pizza and vegetables go hand in hand with the veggies giving you some essential vitamins your body needs. If you have do not like them greens then add a few to your pizza slice.  Pizza is perfect for disguising unsightly veggies – broccoli on its own looks hideous, but is to die for if it blankets the crust, sauce and melty cheese on a pizza.

Can help to lose 25 pounds in a month

A pizzeria owner in Florida wanted to prove that pizza can be healthy. McClellan only ate pizza for about a month and lost 25 pounds in the process. At the same time he lost about 10 percent body fat and 86 points of cholesterol without taking any medication. However, and here is the big but, he explained there was nothing secret or special about the pizza diet since it was all about portion control, boosting levels of metabolism (by regularly exercising), and ensuring the intake of fat, fiber, protein and carbs is tracked daily (calorie counting), which a pizza slice can for you without too much hassle.

Healthier pizza

Considering pizza is not going anywhere, a number of pizza places have decided to go the healthier way by adding various twists to the tried and tested variety. The idea is to ensure that the ingredients are organic and sourced careful, such as tomatoes that have been grown without chemicals. The crust is made up of whole-grain dough while everything else has to be organically sourced and carefully prepared to maintain all the needed nutrition.

As a result Naked Pizza, Uncle Maddio’s and Skinny Pizza are some of the heralds of the healthier pizza movement that promises the same delicious, mouth watering taste with a lot more healthier elements


  1. Clarice Ledoux

    I love this! I’m a bit of a pizza addict, so I’m always looking for an excuse to order a slice. It’s totally true that pizza makes eating vegetables pleasurable. I’m not really a green pepper fan, but throw some on a warm, cheesy piece of pizza and I could eat green peppers all day long. Plus, I think going out for pizza makes the perfect date idea.

  2. Scott

    I am amazed that pizza could have such impacting health effects, such as preventing certain kinds of cancer due to the antioxidants found in the tomato sauce. It seems like scientists are always looking for things that could prevent cancer. I wonder what other health benefits tomato sauce gives us. This is definitely something to keep in mind the next time I am out looking to buy pizza.


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