Easy Pizza Recipes

There are all manner of pizza recipes depending on what you have in mind. They range from normal large pizzas with some extra cheese to unique pies in diverse sizes that hardly disappoint.

Here’re a number of easy pizza recipes worth checking out.

Magherita pizza

To make this famous pizza delight stretch your dough in double rounds of nine inches each. Each of the rounds should be topped with dried oregano, San Marzano crushed tomatoes (about half a cup), olive oil, salt and pepper and then bake until they turn into a golden color. Get half a pound of diced mozzarella and sprinkle around as well as some salt and torn basil. Baking should be done until all the cheese has melted before drizzling the pizza with some quality olive oil.

Puttanesca Pizza

This is taking the Margherita a step further. Prepare the Margherita Pizza as detailed above but chop some garlic cloves, capers (about a tablespoon), six anchovies, and olives (about a quarter of a cup) plus parsley, before scattering the ingredients atop the tomatoes just before you bake it.

Quattro Stagioni Pizza

This also follows the Margherita Pizza method above.  However, before you add the cheese, top it with some ham, artichoke hearts, sautéed mushrooms and olives – try to arrange it in four sections.

The Big Apple Style Pizza

This New York pizza making style requires pressing of the dough in a pan of about 15 inches and oiling it superbly. Before topping it with half a cup of tomato sauce, sprinkle some olive oil around and include some shredded mozzarella (about two cups). You can then bake the pizza and garnish using olive oil, dried oregano and pecorino.

Broccoli Sausage Rabe

Follow the same method for the New York pizza but with a little variation; the mozzarella used is about a cup and a half with two raw sausages, crumbled. Bake until it has turned crispy and top it with four bocconcini ounces, broccoli rabe (sautéed to perfection) plus cherry peppers (jarred). Baking should be done until the cheese has melted.

Meatball Pizza

Once the dough has been pressed into a pizza pan of about 15 inches it should be topped with some olive oil, half a cup of tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and baked until it’s crisp. You should then top it with cooked meatball slices, olive oil, basil and pecorino before baking it until it has turned brown.

Pizza – Greek Style

For a Greek pizza, use black olives, pepper, feta cheese, tomato sauce, prewashed spinach and some olive oil. The vegetables are rich in antioxidants and low fat, meaning you’re enjoying a guilt-free pie full of awesomeness, with a Greek touch.


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